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Thanks for visiting my website!
I hope you have enjoyed my photographs.

For me photography is writing with light. I am fortunated to live in that part of the Netherlands near the sea, where light is at it’s best and has inspired many photographers and painters.

I’m always looking for special light circumstances during the day or astronomical events during the nightsky.
My photography expertise is: pinhole/black and white, astronomy, nature, landscape and  travel-photography.

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List of publications and exhibitions:
-2020 & 2021  Surinam Calendar
-2020  Solargraphy experiments Zeeuws Archief, Middelburg
-2020-2018 Photo Exhibition VOC trade with Ceylon/Sri Lanka
           -Nightsky of the Southern Hemisphere
           –Photo exhibition Philippus Lansbergen Observatory Middelburg,
             the Netherlands
-2012  3rd Prize National Geographic Photocontest in the Netherlands
-2010  Skating in the Netherlands on natural ice - Photo Gallery
-2008  Poollicht Expedition Philippus Lansbergen

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